Thursday, March 22, 2007

A book in the hand....

My new book arrived from my publisher, Fieldstone Alliance, yesterday.

I rarely look at my books after they show up. People ask me what it feels like to read my own book, and I tell them..."I rarely read them in the first year or two. I might go back for a reference quote, but not often". They are astonished...and of course, what they don't realize is that by the time the book shows up, I have not only written it, but read the thing four or five times in the proofing, editing, etc stages. Frankly, I'm sick of it.

Not this book, though.

I immediately dove into it to see whether, having finished writing it 10 months ago, I still felt good about it. Why? Because the area of Generation Change is so, so dynamic and on everyone's list of big issues. I'm going to be speaking on this issue all over the place the remainder of this year, and am working with a foundation to assess generational readiness in their community. I've had inquiries from overseas, and everyone I've talked to about generation change is interested/worried/concerned/a bit freaked about the subject.

Should be fun to see what happens. If you're interested in looking at the book in more depth, there's a link on the right.

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