Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Checking back in

Time flies. Since I last posted...

Been on vacation with the fam, visiting kids around the country, finishing up my new book (due out March 1..more on that later...developing a new set of publications and podcasts...also more later... taking two kids to college in the same week (3200 miles total), written a play, and started this fall's class at Kellogg.

And tomorrow, I tackle a new computer (first one in 8 years) in the house.

So I haven't written for a bit, and I appreciate those of you who wrote and said you missed my musings. I did too, and I hopefully am back much, much more regularly.

In terms of things that you, the reader, might actually care about---nonprofit stuff--- I continue to be amazed at the resourcefulness of many of the organizations I work with. Too little money, too much work, not enough time. And yet people stick to it.

Coolest thing that's coming up (other than the weekly gig at Kellogg) is that I get to moderate a panel at the NetImpact Conference in Chicago next month. The panel is on "Internet Philantrhopy: A New Model for Donor Engagement" which is great, but the panelists? Wow. Check it out:

The Chair and CEO of
The Chicago director of
The Founder of

If you haven't been to these sites, check them out. I am absolutely sure they will change the way people give money, and in the process threaten the heck out of United Way, Foundations, and traditional fundraisers. I am so pumped to meet and hear these people.

The panel is the end of October. I'll post about it, for sure.

But I'll be back tomorrow as well.....

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