Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Let's stop spam

Our friends at Techsoup have some great ideas on stopping spam. PLEASE join in....

From today's Techsoup newsletter comes the following:

The third annual "Stop Spam Today!" campaign begins today. This
educational campaign is sponsored by TechSoup.org and Mailshell,
one of our long-time technology partners. The campaign
culminates on December 14 and 15, when nonprofits and libraries
can order free MailShell anti-spam software at TechSoup Stock.
Throughout the campaign, TechSoup.org will feature content
focused on protecting your organization from the dangers of
spam. Highlights include articles to help you fight spam in your
organization and links to helpful anti-spam resources.

Not bad---free advice, free software, and anything that can reduce the plague of spam gets my vote.....check it out at:


Die, spam, die......


Roberto Iza Valdes said...
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My-Juno said...
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Iza Roberto said...
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Anonymous said...

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