Saturday, April 16, 2005

Two things for you....

Long week, not many posts. Had a good trip to Houston to talk to groups about Stewardship and Marketing. Good questions, good discussion. I head to Chicago tomorrow to teach the opening session for an Exec Ed program on outcome measurement(called Performance Counts!) for Kellogg. Should be fun.

So, what two things are for you? First, Tech Soup is running a weeklong forum on using online learning as one of many options for continuing education. Their promo information includes the following issues and questions:

What are the issues and challenges involved in using online learning? What does it mean to collaborate and learn online? How can you and your organization use online learning and collaboration to achieve your organizational mission?

The forum is interactive and invites discussion---and it's FREE. So go to the page about the forum, check it out and register. A good deal for all, thanks again to TechSoup.

Second thing: I've talked before about how much I like Firefox as a browser. It's quick, about a zillion times safer than IE, and has all sorts of cool features. I've been using it since early December and like it more every day.

Here's the feature you need to check out if you are a regular blog reader. If you look at my blog (or any blog) in Firefox, a small orange icon shows up on the lower right hand side of the screen. Scroll your mouse over it and you'll see it says "Add Live Bookmark for this Page's feed" If click on it, you'll add a bookmark for the blog. If you open the bookmark, you'll see the last ten or eleven posts listed separately, and the bookmark updates itself automatically every few hours. Thus, when I post something new, it will show up on your browser bookmark automatically. How cool is that?

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