Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A great new way of thinking

I love this guy. Pierre Omidyar is already well known on th e net as the guy who thought up EBay and made it work. As he says....I love the idea of hundreds of millions of people being connected and trusting each other.

So he cashed out, went off and thought about philanthropy. The results---bottoms up philanthropy. On DonorsChoose, givers interested in helping students directly can give exactly what they want to exactly who they want--in this case teachers in a variety of US cities, where public education is chronically underfunded.
On Omidyar.com, people with ideas, needs and resources can get matched up.

Check out the story on his ideas on giving and conversation with Omidyar in BusinessWeek , and the two sites. This is the kind of new, innovative thinking that can transform the planet. A shoutout!

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